Terms and Conditions

With this lease contract, MAXIMA RENTAL, leases the car to the signatory customer, as stated in the contract, in accordance with the following terms and agreements as well as those found on the front page, which the customer has read and fully accepted.



The car is delivered to the customer in good condition and without any defects. It is expressly stated that at the delivery of the car, when asked, the customer respond with no reservations in terms of the good condition of the car. Any imperfection or damage on the car should be noted on the front page of the contract.
The customer is responsible for the return of the car and all documents, tools and accessories that originally accompanied the car to MAXIMA RENTAL, in the condition in which they were received, on the return date and location as specified in this agreement.
Otherwise, the customer is obliged to pay an additional fee to MAXIMA RENTAL and compensation for any loss or damage MAXIMA RENTAL reserves the right to repossess the car at any time without notice and at the expense of the customer, if the car is used in violation of this agreement.

2. DAMAGES etc.

i. In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle or third parties (including other passengers), the customer has both the responsibility and obligation to pay in full for all damages and costs incurred if he himself or the authorized driver violated the terms of this agreement, which are all considered essential legal or police provisions or insurance regulations either intentionally or by negligence or for whatever other reason except accidental events. In any event, MAXIMA RENTAL has the right to demand from the customer, aside from the agreed to amount, a daily charge of at least 100 km. as compensation until the vehicle or its replacement is delivered to MAXIMA RENTAL. The burden of proof of less damage is solely that of the customer.
ii. With exception, the customer is not responsible for loss or damage of the vehicle due to fire or theft (except if the previous were caused by the negligence of either the customer or authorized driver.)
iii. The customer is not responsible for loss or damage of the vehicle due to collision if he/she has complied with all the conditions of this agreement and has agreed to a mixed insurance at the beginning of the lease by putting his/her initials in the square marked “Accept” on the reverse of this page. If the customer does not accept CDW then he/she is fully liable.
iv. Damage caused to the tires or chassis (underside of car) by the customer or authorized driver are not covered regardless if he/she has accepted mixed insurance or not.
v. Furthermore, the customer is fully responsible for any damage not covered by the insurance policy.


The customer shall pay the following amounts to MAXIMA RENTAL, at the expiration of the lease, unless agreed otherwise:

i. All time and mileage charges are based on prices referred to in this agreement.
ii. All necessary delivery and collection charges referred to in this agreement.
iii. All taxes, charges and other expenses relating to the lease.
iv. Whatever MAXIMA RENTAL expenses including legal fees and interest payments due to late payments of any amount for this lease.
v. Whatever penalties, legal fines or other expenses which were or will be imposed on MAXIMA RENTAL due to infringements during the use of the car by the customer, unless MAXIMA RENTAL is responsible for these infringements. In the latter case, the customer or authorized driver will continue to be held responsible for their own unlawful actions.
vi. Any amount that may be required for the replacement of destroyed tires including the reparation of any mechanical damage or wear on the body of the car.
vii. Any discounts provided will be deferred if the settlement of the account has not been timely.
viii. All charges are subject to a final audit.



The customer assumes full responsibility to take care of the car, to check its mechanical condition, the oil and water levels, tires etc. Any repair of the vehicle by the customer or any other third party designated by the customer is not allowed without the prior consent of MAXIMA RENTAL. More specifically, indicatively the car may not be used:
i. To carry persons or property for hire.
ii. To tow any vehicle, trailer or other objects.
iii. For racing in general.
iv. To sublease to a third party.
v. If the customer or authorized driver of the car is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that may affect the driver’s senses and driving ability.
vi. By any third party unless if it has been approved by MAXIMA RENTAL and indicated as such in the relevant section on the front part of this agreement.
vii. To transport or transfer heavy luggage, flammable materials, dirty or smelly objects, drugs etc. The violator of these terms will be held entirely responsible along with the customer or authorized driver of the vehicle.
viii. Outside Greece, without the prior written consent of MAXIMA RENTAL.



If the customer wishes to extend the lease, he/she is obliged to notify MAXIMA RENTAL within 48 (forty-eight) hours before the expiration of the lease in order to obtain the relative approval. Failure to do so brings about civil and criminal liability for the illegal use and possession of the vehicle. In the case of the extended lease, the customer is bound by the terms and conditions of the initial agreement regardless if the car is the same or a replacement car is given.



MAXIMA RENTAL is only liable for loss or damage sustained by the customer or third parties during the time of the lease as long as they are due to the intent or gross negligence of MAXIMA RENTAL. In all other cases, MAXIMA RENTAL assumes no responsibility and no claim can be brought against them. MAXIMA RENTAL shall never be liable for the customer’s lost profits or consequential damage or loss of income.



In case of accident or other incident (fire, theft etc.) the customer is responsible to execute the following procedure:
i. Notify the police.
ii. Obtain names and addresses of eyewitnesses and all relevant documents including information from any third party.
iii. Do not acknowledge third party claims.
iv. Contact MAXIMA RENTAL immediately by phone or any other means.
v. Complete and sign an accident report
vi. Send MAXIMA RENTAL any documents or information relative to the accident.



i. MAXIMA RENTAL provides insurance coverage for third parties only to those who have permission to use the car using the car insurance policy in which the terms have been inspected and accepted by the customer.
ii. The customer, authorized drivers and other passengers are not covered by personal accident coverage unless the customer places his/her initials in the square marked “Accept” on the front of this agreement, thus accepting the policy of personal insurance and coverage as referred to in the pricelist.
iii. Baggage and all other items belonging to the customer, authorized driver or other passengers of the car are not covered by MAXIMA RENTAL insurance and therefore the company assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, etc. thereof.



By entering into this rental agreement the customer consents to the processing and use of all his/her personal information by MAXIMA RENTAL in connection to this rental agreement.


i. MAXIMA RENTAL has sole ownership of the car. The current is only a leasing contract and the customer is in no way and under no circumstances a representative of MAXIMA RENTAL. The customer acknowledges that he does not acquire any further rights than those stated in the current leasing contract.
ii. During the lease all authorized drivers are as jointly and equally responsible as the customer.
iii. Likewise, if a representative signs the rental contract he/she will be as jointly liable as the person he/she is representing.
iv. This agreement supersedes any other written or oral agreement between MAXIMA RENTAL and the customer.
v. No action by MAXIMA RENTAL can be considered an extension of its rights by law and the present agreement.



Any or all disputes which may arise between MAXIMA RENTAL and the customer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mykonos.



The customer, who with his/her signature accepts the terms of the insurance, agrees to pay an extra amount on a daily basis according to the valid rate of MAXIMA RENTAL and accepts the coverage of the insurance policy of personal accidents as referred to on the official pricelist.



The customer bears no liability for whatever damage to the car (CDW) once he/she accepts, with his/her signature, the relevant terms and pays an additional amount which is calculated on a daily basis according to the relative pricelist each time. Considering that during the time of the lease, the customer will comply with the provisions of the Highway Code, driving etc. Acceptance of these terms and conditions in compliance with the main leasing contract is verified by the signatures of both the customer and the MAXIMA RENTAL representative.



If the customer chooses, leasing car with driver, , at the front part of the lease,this becomes the basis for provision N.4093/2012 (FEK A 222), and the customer should follow the driver’s instructions and the provisions of the Highway Code pertaining to passenger vehicles.